Publications & Films

Torture Gardens, Self-Published, 2021
Beyond the Book of Eibon, editor (with Astrid Rose), Death Wound Publishing, 2021
The Last Nautilean, Self-Published, 2020

‘What a Peace is Mine’, forthcoming in HARSH
‘Amusement’, Chthonic Matter Quarterly (Volume 1, #1), 2023
The Box, Inside & Out‘,, 2022
Tick-Tock Man Syndrome’ and ‘An Autopsy of Creation’, The Cafe Irreal (#82), 2022
‘Eclipse, or the Courtship of the Sun and Moon’, The Book of Queer Saints, 2022
‘The Melody of Frostbite’, Pluto in Furs Vol. II, Plutonian Press, 2022
Brighter Than Stars‘, Baffling Magazine (#6), 2022
‘The Collected Poems of James Zjarek, Transgressor’, Vastarien (Volume 4, #2), 2021
‘Ouroboros’, be about it zine (#19), 2021
‘The Butterfly Pavilion’, Torture Gardens, Self-Published, 2021
‘Figure With Meat, Coda’, Beyond the Book of Eibon, Death Wound Publishing, 2021
‘Gashadokuro’, The Dread Machine, 2021
Industry (chapbook), Death Wound Publishing, 2020
‘Blood and Black Leather’, FILTH Literary Magazine, 2020

Liquid Metal Blood, 2019 (Screenplay)
– Best Student Feature Screenplay, Written Image, 2019
Countenances in the Concrete, 2018 (with Eli Hayes)
Wetware, 2018
The Long Wash, 2018
– Official Selection Psychedelic Film & Music Festival, 2018
– Official Selection Berlin Flash Film Festival, 2018
An Incident in Smith Morgue, 2018
– Best Short Screenplay, Knife Through the Heart of Texas Festival, 2019
– Best Unproduced Short Screenplay – Top 5 Finalists, Filmquest, 2018

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